ENGLISH PORTFOLIOSResume: Directions and Documents

The English Portfolio is a showcase of a student’s best work throughout his or her high school career. During each year of English study, students will focus on three (3) modes of writing: informative, persuasive, and expressive. These assignments will be compiled in the portfolio, including all drafts, revisions, and final products. At the end of each course, each student will be able to select his or her best work in each category of writing to submit in their final portfolio; this portfolio will follow them to their next grade level of study. At the end of their high school career, students will take their portfolios with them as a representation of their finest work from each year of high school English.

Selected Modes of Writing
At each grade level, modes of writing are selected that are essential to student success on various assessments, such as the DSTP, SAT, and the AP exams, as well as in college or future employment.
· Informative Writing: Written or oral communication intended primarily to convey information without the intention of changing the audience’s opinion of expressing the speaker’s/writer’s personal feelings or beliefs.
· Persuasive Writing: Writing which is meant to change the way a reader thinks or acts.
· Expressive Writing: Written or oral communication intended to allow the speaker or writer to reveal his or her own thoughts, beliefs, feelings, etc.

Portfolio pieces are scored as process and product grades throughout the course of study, and those scores are reflected in their marking period grades. The portfolio is assessed for completion, and individual pieces are not re-scored in the final submission of the English portfolio; original scores are not relevant, as the portfolio is a collection of completed works. Portfolios will include a reflective component, in which students comment on the progress of their own writing.

All essays throughout the year are scored according to a rubric that is specific for the form of writing and the assignment given.

Eleventh Grade Portfolio
  • Personal Essay (Expressive Essay)
    • All grades will write a personal essay that increases in its complexity, building towards the senior college application essay.
      • Grade 11: The Definition Essay of Self: Students take one aspect of life and define themselves through it, showing how that one aspect captures the essence of their character. The essay should be 1 ½ -2 pages in length.
  • RESUME (Informative Writing)
    • Students in grades 11 and 12 will write a resume.
      • Grade 11: Students will write a resume that includes activities affiliated with high school. This will be used to help students become aware of what they have accomplished, as well as see the gaps in their high school experiences, particularly where colleges may be interested. Their resume will also be useful for letters of recommendation and application to the National Honor Society.

  • Literary Research (Informative Essay)
  • Compare-Contrast (Persuasive Essay)
    • All students will write a persuasive essay that increases in complexity from grades 9 through 12, culminating with an analysis of the use of rhetoric to create a compelling argument.

  • Business Letter (Persuasive Letter)
    • All students must write a letter that conforms to the business letter format and is focused on a specific kind of business letter.
      • Grade 11: Students will write a letter of complaint, following the format for a business letter. This letter should be approximately 1 page in length, single-spaced, and typed.
  • Creative Writing (Expressive Writing)
    • All grades will write expressive pieces that build voice, complexity of structure, and style.
      • Grade 11: Students will work in groups to create an allegorical play that comments on a current social issue. The play should be a distinctively American play, focusing on an “Everyman” protagonist, tracing his or her plight to their final failure or triumph. Students will create an abstract of the play that will precede the action of the play. This play should be about one act in length (approximately 4-5 pages).