Culminating “American Story” Project

The American story is a dynamic and constantly changing tale, filled with themes and concepts, both triumphant and disappointing, heartbreaking and horrifying, elusive and tangible... You now play an important part in that legacy, telling a unique and wholly American Tale. Each group will contribute a strand by focusing on one part of the American story. The story we weave for future generations of Americans will largely depend on your understanding of who we are as a people, who we aspire to become, and how all of that is rooted in who we have been. This project will ask you to prove a deep understanding of the course content and will invite you to contribute your voice to the chorus of the American song.

Purpose: Your presentation will demonstrate an understanding of the American story as it has been defined through the literary genres and movements presented in this course. Projects must seamlessly integrate your interpretation of the American story through the synthesis of various texts and authors. Just as the American story has been conveyed through strong rhetoric, so too will you emulate this tradition by drawing upon your knowledge of rhetoric and using it in your expression.

Audience: Junior level Honors and Pre-AP students and teachers

Assignment: In groups of three or less (NO MORE THAN THREE), capture the story.

Choose ONE of the following:

· Video Presentation (Visual)
· Movie Script (Written)
· Web Page (Requirements of a visual apply)
· Art (Visual)
· Soundtrack (Requirements of a visual apply)
· Short Story (5-10 pages in length) (Written)
· Children's book (32 pages in length--16 written, 16 illustrations) (Requirements of a visual apply)
· Analytical essay (3-5 pages in length) (Written)

· You must have a written and a visual component
· If your project is visual, your written component must include the following: explanation of chosen theme, explanation of project, explanation of role each group member played within project, explanation of how each piece of literature was alluded to/utilized in your project and how it connects to your theme
· If your project is written, your visual component must include the following: A piece of artwork created by you that references each literary movement/genre. Examples could include illustrations for your story, collages, mobiles, etc. See Foltz or Shubert for clarification if you are unsure of what you would like to do.

· ONE Clear Unifying theme (See Foltz or Shubert for additional guidance after school)
· Touch on ALL literary movements/genres
· Meaningful allusions that support the theme

Successful projects will
· Represent a clear singular theme
· Reference texts and theories from the course that support/communicate theme
· Avoid including historical characters or literary storylines
· Demonstrate appropriate style and tone
· Inspire/Engage your audience
· Impress us and yourselves
· Presentations--regardless of your choice--must be clean and well-organized