WIKI Help Page
(Please email your teacher to suggest future help topics!)

How to Log In to Wikispaces

How to Post an Original Response in a Wikispaces Discussion Board (Coming Soon)

What is the Difference between the Homework Site and Wikispaces? (Coming Soon)

What's a Wiki?

  1. Visit/Sign In EVERY DAY (recommended after 6PM)
  2. Check your mail. Delete emails you don't want. You should never have more than 3 unread messages in your inbox.
  3. Check under "Recent Changes" for page updates and discussion posts (there are tabs) and learn to use the history tab!!!
  4. Check the main "home" page for "Updates"
  5. Check the menu bar for new stuff or assignments/due dates
  6. Check the Calendar in the left menu
  7. Check the current unit in "Course Resources"--especially under activities
  8. Ask at least three members of the community (helps if you ask people who use wikispaces a lot... you know who they are, you saw their names on the recent changes page a lot--they do not have to be students in your scheduled English class).
  9. Ask the teachers. Message Foltz(MHS-Foltz) and Shubert (shubert). Try to avoid messaging the entire space, it clogs up the mail for everyone.
  10. PARTICIPATE in any way you can. If you need ideas on how to up your participation quotient, see Ms. Shubert in 2061.

Technology makes learning more effective and more efficient, but you need to be using the technology as suggested in order to reap the highest rewards!